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Thursday 21 July 2016

30 Awesome moments for watsapp status and facebook posts

1. That awesome moment
when in the middle of a kiss.. you feel that she's smiling. :-)

2.  That awesome moment
when she says.. "Agar fir se uski DP like ki na.. To jaan le lungi."❤

3. That awesome moment for every girl
When her farher says Tu to mera beta h...

4. That Awesome moment
when your mother says "Tu mujhe ajj bhi vohi chota baccha lagta hai"

5. That "awesome moment"
When ur mom nind aate hue b sing lori for u jisse aapko nini aa jaye😆❤

6. That awesome moment
when u see a baby smille without any reason.

7. That awesome mement
when someone smile coz of you.

8. That awesome moment
when you are helping your sister in finding her chocolate that you ate few hours ago

9. That Awesome Moment
Jb mom pehle marti hai fir manati hai😘

10. That awesome moment when
OYE!!! tune home work kiya?
"Nhi Thik hai fir Dono sath me bahar niklenge aur majee karenge"

11. Awesome Moment
When u get rply from girls in long paragraphs while chatting.😆

12. Awesome Moment
when u fall in Love

13. Awesome Moment
when u clear ur last exam

14. Aweome Moment
when you wake up and realise its still possible to sleep

15. That awesome moment
When you get a call saying class cancelled

16.  That awesome moment
when you see an old friend again and feel that things have not changed.

17. That awesome moment
when u touch the fingers of newly born child

18. That awesome moment   
when you are thinking about your and you get a callor msg form him/her

19. That awesome moment
when you are walking alone on road and your crush came and ask to join you

20. That awesome moment   
when you speak with ur crush on call first time

21. That "Awesome Moment"
when you're hugging the person you love and they hug you back even tighter..

22. That awesome moment
when You say something funny in class and everyone laughs at it n then you sit there like a Legend..

23. That awesome moment
when you carry someone's baby and they refuse to go back to their parent's hands just because they like you.

24. The Awesome Moment 😀😀
When you get free wifi in public places

25. That awesome moment
when you read someones Old conversation and they text you ❤

26. That awesome moment 
when he/She says "Yaar tu meko pehle kyu ni mila/mili"😊

27. That Awesome momenT
when mY frienD sayS, Bhai aaJ teRe cRush ne meRe pass msg karke Tere baRe me pucha

28. That Awesome moment
when the person u love the most do small small efforts to make uh smile!!😊

29. That awesome moment
when teachers made you sit next to your crush.

30. That awesome moment
when 2G gives speed of 3G.

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